Welcome Friends and Family

To my nearest and dearest friends and family,

I haven't seen most of you this year and that makes my heart very sad. I miss the holiday gatherings, travelling with you, and especially the Sunday dinners; especially since these are the memories on which I built my company. When I began the year 2020, just like most of you, I was excited with expectation, possibilities, and the potential growth of Bothwell and Gresham Candle Co..

When I was five years old in little league basketball, my dad was my coach. He taught me three crucial fundamentals in becoming a small forward. 

1. Keep your head and eyes up.

2. Elbows in and see the shot going in before it happens. 

and finally

3. Pivot Pivot Pivot.  

What I learned this year as a business owner is that my dad was instilling life lessons that I would someday use as a business owner. By keeping my head up and my eyes open, even when everything seemed dismal, I was able to persevere. This year I kept my elbows in (mask on) and focused my eyes on growing and scaling my business behind the scenes, because 2021 is going to be my best year yet. And lastly, I pivoted, I pivoted like no other. There is not a doubt in my mind that the reason that you are here, reading this today, is because you did all three of these things.

And I'm so grateful that you're here.

One day we'll talk about 2020 as if it never existed but it has definitely been one for the books. I look forward to seeing all of you again soon. Going into this new year, I'll be holding the people closest to me just a little bit closer and maybe even a little bit longer, talking a little less and listening a lot more, and not taking my freedom for granted. 

I'm grateful for you and I'm grateful for the life that God has granted me. As we move into this new year I pray that God grants you everything you've ever wanted and the you're able to recognize that you already have everything you need. :-) 

Until Next Time,

<3 Gina, CEO of BAG Candle Co.

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