Our Scent Story

"There is a certain aroma and an inviting warmth, that growing up between Bothwell and Gresham provided." - Gina Lovett, Owner

BAG Candle Company is built off of a beautiful love story that involves an entire family and a very special intersection. Two families, since the 1960s, have shared a fence line and because of fate, two neighbors became a family.

The owner, Gina Lovett, wanted to share the special memories of her childhood and the happy scents she experienced throughout her life. Due to a twist of fate, her grandparents share a fence line and she was blessed to experience a world full of love, strength, and unbelievable warmth at this special intersection. These scents represent big Sunday feasts after church, her Granddad sitting in a rocking chair smiling, laughter filling a house with gardenia scents and her most precious childhood memories.

There are some very special ingredients to all BAG Candles. Every time a candle is poured the core memories of love, strength, and warmth are being passed on to you and your family. We hope these beautiful memories light up your space and you can experience the inviting warmth of Bothwell and Gresham Avenue.