Inspired by Memories. Poured by BAG. Lit by you.

Is there a scent that instantly makes you think of a certain person, time or place? At BAG Candle Company our goal is to create scents and candles that will take you back to those beautiful memories.

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BAG Scent Stories

Bothwell and Gresham Classics

  • Small Batches

    All of our products are created in small batches to ensure the highest quality. We take great pride in ensuring your product will exceed your expectations.

  • Environment Friendly

    Our candles are made without harmful chemicals and made to produce a slower burn to last longer than traditional candles. We use soy as the base instead of paraffin wax which is made from coal, petroleum, or shale.

  • Custom Scents

    We can create a custom scent to help you bring out nostalgia or just to find your perfect smell. We can use items you send us or come up with a mix that fits your desire. Contact us for more details.